Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Update 28th February 2017

An update from last nights members meeting...

We now have a design for our new track that will make it more secure and resistant to theft. The donations received via the Just Giving page and directly to the society have made it possible to use a heavier cross-section rail in steel rather than the previously used aluminium. While aluminium has better running and riding qualities steel will be more secure as it can be welded to the baseplates although it will need a higher degree of maintenance due to corrosion but we will be painting the rail to help delay this process. Current thinking is Smoothrite but the cost of this is quite high so we will consider other options before we get to the painting stage. We should have received most of the materials within the next two weeks and we are assembling working parties to carryout the rebuild.

We have had meny offers of help from other Model Engineering Societies and we are very grateful to Romney Marsh Society for the allowing us to borrow their rail bender.

The first job will be to replace two sections of concrete beam that have suffered slightly over the past 30+ years due to frost damage. We have these sections available and this will be attended too within the next week.

We believe we have enough people with the right skills from within our members but we have not forgotten the many people from outside our Society who have kindly offered to help. However we do need to avoid people getting in each others way which would hinder progress so we will see how the first few working parties go and if we need more help we will put out the call on facebook and our news page http://cdmesnews.blogspot.co.uk/ .

We are currently working toward a stage where the track can be used (painting can happen later) in mid-May. Therefore we do NOT anticipate any of our major events being effected.

Again we are very grateful to all who have sent donations directly to the Society and donated on Chris Holloway’s funding page and of course to the many offers of help received. The kind messages of support have also been a great help and encouragement.

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