Friday, 24 March 2017

A Major Milestone is Reached !

Update 24th March 2017....

Since my last update some very good progress has been made sorting out the fixing scheme, bending the first lot of rail and welding down the first length along the straight.  The various jigs were tested and proven in anger and we are ready to press on and get the majority of the rail bent if not laid.  Thanks to Ernie, Terry Jewis, Dave Pearson, Duncan Graham and Chris Davey for their efforts proving everything works.


The aim at this point has been to get the rails laid and welded to the newly designed and produced tie plates. The track in this state is still a long way off being able to be used in anger.

Major Milestone !

Shortly before five on 23rd March 2017 the rails were connected from both directions at Woody Curve so we now have a circuit again.  See below shortly after Duncan Graham and Mark Cox drove in the final spike that made the final join !

Whilst this is very good news it also marks the next stage of the work required which is adjusting the sleepers for height and the rails for alignment and of course the onerous task of fitting the infill sleepers, so while tonight may be a celebration, we are not there yet and are still some way off running trains again and help is still required.  Many thanks to those who have already made significant effort, you know who you are.
We should also mention at this point those that very kindly transport any tooling and machinary we need on a daily basis, and then of course transport it back to their homes at the end of the day.
From the financial point of view we have been funding this work from a small club reserve and donations very kindly made directly to the Society without which we would be unlikely to have got this far. We have still to receive the insurance settlement or the money very kindly raised by Chris Holloway and all those who donated on the just giving Crowd Funding page.

However as already noted we still have a very long way to go. Whilst progress has been greatly helped by some unexpectly good weather we are still looking at many weeks hard work by our small band of workers.

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