Monday, 27 March 2017

Message from Canterbury & District Model Engineering Society Chairman Paul Kemp:-

Update 28th March 2017

Having just received the very timely payment from the Just Giving Crowd Funding page courtesy of Chris Holloway, CDMES Chairman Paul Kemp sends the following message:-

Over the last week having taken delivery of the new rail and with all other preparations complete, laying the replacement track has commenced and is progressing well.  There is still much to be done but if the weather holds and we can continue at the current rate we will be well on target to be back up and running in May.  Whilst the rapid progress with the physical work has been down to a dedicated band of members it has only been made possible by the generosity and support of the local and wider community, other model engineering and model railway groups, individuals, Brett's and of course Chris Holloway who initiated the just giving page that became a focal point for donations from some incredible people and generated over £1,700.  We are extremely grateful to all who have shown support and made contributions towards the repairs.  The insurance claim has now been agreed but as yet has not been settled so the funds from the just giving appeal will be crucial in ensuring repairs can continue. Words of thanks on a web site or printed page seem a rather small thing in acknowledging the incredible generosity and support we have received.  Therefore based on the progress we have made so far we are provisionally planning an official re-opening of the line for Saturday 27th May where all can attend and see the new track, ride the trains and hopefully be entertained by some other attractions but generally to come and have a good family day out and allow us to thank you properly.  At present it is too soon to cast that date in stone but that is what we are working towards as a target and in the coming weeks, hopefully before Easter we will be able to confirm it as definite date.  So very many thanks to all who have supported us through this unexpected incident and we hope we can thank you properly in the way we know best on 27th of May.


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