Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Update 8th March 2017

Rebuilding begins....

Following the removal of the last of the vandalised track, an inspection of the main concrete beams revealed minor frost damage to two sections. We are fortunate that we have spares  and this morning a good number of members turned out to help with the heavy lifting. There was a tea break before the new beams were lifted into position and the Chairman Paul Kemp ably assisted by Mark Cox made the final checks and adjustments.

As we don't keep any tools or machinery on-site each working party is preceeded by our members transporting all the required equipment which is then assembled on-site and then returned to their workshops afterwards, so each day is quite a long drawn out affair.

Work has started on the milling and drilling operations on the main steel ties which will hold the new steel rails in position and there is pleanty of hacksawing and other hard work going on in a variety of members workshops around the local area.

There has been a delay with delivery of our new rail but there is still pleanty of activity going on in the background.

We are grateful to New Romney Model Engineering Society who are kindly loaning us their railbender. 

Words and pictures from Granville Askham and Paul kemp !

 Everything stops for tea !

Many hands make light work !
Machining of the metal rail ties. You can see the locating slots which enable accurate location of the rail section which will speed up the build once on site. The rail will be welded to these on-site however transporting all the welding gear and other tools and equipment for each working party is a big job in itself as we don't keep any tools or machinery on-site. These have been machined by Granville Askham and Ernie Millard however threaded stainless steel rods and other items are being cut and prepared in a variety of members workshops around the area.... 

 There will be some wooden sleepers in between the metal rail ties. This jig made by Paul Kemp enables accurate drilling and the correct angles. Some slightly angled wooden sleepers have been machined by Ray Darvell to give the superelevation required on some curves. For the uninitiated superelevation is the slight raising of the outside rail on tighter curves to prevent the engines and riding cars tipping and counteract the forces of gravity as the trains go round a bend .... Just like the full sized railways....

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